London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

Having your country hosting the Olympics is a once in a lifetime experience, but those who aren’t that excited about sports, may feel they have to watch at least the opening ceremony just out of obligation.

So, to perhaps make it a bit more interesting for those who can’t see what all the fuss is about, I thought I’d create a little drinking game to go with big event.

This is of course done completely tongue in cheek, I don’t intend to cause any offence and I’d encourage all readers of this to drink responsibly.

  1. During the Parade of Nations, drink every time a country whose name ends in ‘istan’ appears.
  2. Finish your drink if the torch should ever go out (God forbid!).
  3. Drink every time you see Boris Johnson; good old Boris.
  4. Take a shot for every dove released.
  5. Drink every time you hear ‘Team GB’ mentioned.
  6. Every time the BBC commentator states the obvious, drink.
  7. If a country you’ve never heard of comes out in the parade, finish your drink.
  8. Take a sip every time you hear ‘This is what the Olympics is all about’.
  9. Drink every time there’s a shot of an irrelevant London landmark.
  10. Drink if one particular athlete isĀ  singled out, and the commentator refers to his/her hardship; i.e. if they talk about overcoming cancer or the death of a loved one.
  11. When Usain Bolt is hyped up, drink.
  12. If at any point it rains (which it probably will), finish your drink.
  13. Any reference to how much the Olympics has cost the taxpayer requires you to drink.
  14. Finish your drink when you see the one female athlete representing Saudi Arabia, it’s like Where’s Wally.
  15. Drink every time Prince Philip looks like he may be saying something slightly offensive. Bless him, he’s like the country’s racist Granddad.

Enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments adding any of your own rules that I may have missed out.

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8 thoughts on “London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

  1. Drink everytime you think- wow that girl looks like a man-
    Take a shot for each medal Michael Phelps may win… and if he breaks the record with 3 medals finish your drink.

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